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The ability to carry out foreign trade activities according to the targeted time and budget is more related to operation management than sales and marketing activities.
  • Follow-up of legal and bureaucratic processes,
  • Logistics and customs clearance,
  • Arranging the documents required by legal regulations and obtaining licenses
  • In addition to all these, monitoring the payment schedule for the operations carried out is a process that requires attention. Keeping track of these processes is among our activities. Identifying potential importer and distributor companies.
  • Identifying potential importer and distributor companies.
  • We are involved in communicating effectively with these companies and at the same time meeting the demands of the companies, and conducting a comprehensive and detailed study such as which companies are interested in your export activities.

Using professional export consulting services instead of suffering time and material losses with failed export attempts allows you to reduce all existing risks. It shortens the path that leads you to success!

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Advantages Of Export Consulting Services To Businesses

  • Foreign trade import processes and export processes are managed and maintained in a systematic manner, without any disruptions.
  • When the export consultant withdraws from the business, businesses’ foreign trade team can easily manage things from where consultant left off.
  • Thanks to the customer lists given to the company by the export consultant regarding foreign customer relations, the company does not have a problem finding customers. And customer relations are managed systematically.
  • The company that gains new customers will also make new sales. Therefore, there is an increase in sales in the business.
  • Thanks to the reports prepared in advance for the company, the company can easily introduce its product and itself and can easily find price offers to its customers.
  • The business can also be active at trade fairs, as it provides support to businesses at trade fairs through export consultancy services.
  • Businesses that want to be able to trade in international markets and to be informed about existing commercial developments should definitely get service from expert export consultants.