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Financial Advice

Financial management and its analysis are key to the survival and continuity of businesses of all sizes.

Within the scope of our continuous or project-based financial consultancy services:

  • Determination of potentials in this process, which we started with the determination of the current situation,
  • Solution of financial dilemmas,
  • Reorganization of cash flow and current accounts,
  • Determining the right financial instruments to be used in investments,
  • It continues with the preparation of the financial risk report and action plan and is complemented by ensuring financial flexibility and continuity.
  • Measuring the financial management performance in certain periods,
  • Establishing a financial management service and making job descriptions,
  • Evaluating the compatibility of current financing opportunities with both business and market conditions and determining the appropriate financing opportunities,
  • Introduction of new financing resources and adaptation to the business,
  • Conducting the risk analysis of the business and turning the methods of protection from these into a business policy,
  • Overcoming financial bottlenecks and developing suggestions in this regard,
  • Information and decision support in credit negotiations,
  • Creating company budgets,
  • Training of finance department personnel,
  • Conducting financial analysis of the business and developing suggestions in this regard,
  • Conducting feasibility studies regarding new investments and evaluating the results,
  • Company merger and acquisition support,
  • Leadership in restructuring efforts,
  • Company evaluation,

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Financial Feasibility

When do you need a financial feasibility study?
  1. If you are thinking of creating a new product line
  2. If you are considering a new factory investment
  3. If you plan to establish a different subsidiary abroad

Sunlight provides a solid foundation for decision-making by providing financially neutral and reasoned opinions in reports on the feasibility of projects. Economic analysis and the preparation of a financial study require a strong foundation in both the technical and financial aspects of the project. The objectivity of the assessment is an important factor in the reliability applied to the study as perceived by potential investors and financiers. This sought reliability and reputation is in Sunlight.